What is Top Patch™ and why does it work?

Top Patch™ is a revolutionary pavement repair product. Instead of using asphalt binders, Top Patch utilizes Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin for its binder. MMA durability has been proven in highway lines, detectable warnings, cores of false teeth, surgical artificial bone implants for hip - joint replacement. MMA has been used for pavement repair in other countries for about 10 years. Utilizing MMA in Top Patch allows the product to have incredible strength and adhesion, long life, and even flexibility to allow for pavement movement as temperature changes. It is also waterproof and will displace water, and still adhere. In most pavement repair products, the aggregate provides the “substance” or mass in asphalt and the binder does what the name says - it binds everything together. So, we used MMA to make our “binder” the strongest binder available.

Our goal was simple, but not easy: Make a pothole repair product that pours and handles like hot-mix (when hot), with the durability and longevity of hot-mix in an easy-to-use bucket. Our minimum thickness is based upon our aggregate. We currently use aggregate that allows about 1/8” thickness without any loss of adhesion. Please review our (hyperlink to Future Labs) test results. Top Patch held strong, while the testing substrate for both asphalt and concrete disintegrated. Even Future Lab’s testing adhesive failed when Top Patch was tested for worn-asphalt adhesion.

Reduce labor costs with Top Patch: Good employees are getting harder and harder to find and retain. With Top Patch repair staffs can be cut in half as only one & one pickup is needed. Each pavement repair employee can typically install 14-20 potholes per day (depending upon travel between locations). Utilizing Top Patch could reduce workman comp claims as well, since there are no heavy / dangerous tools to lift or use (heaviest Top Patch ingredient is 28 LBS). Another plus: no maintenance of complex equipment.

Bergkamp makes a great product - as long as you have the budget to purchase and maintain a $200,000 plus truck, and the 2 techs (that can lift the cut, clean-out and tamping equipment (without ending up with workman comp claims), and maintain the truck & equipment properly, it is great for potholes. But even for that price point delamination, slippage, raveled, and alligator pavement still need to be repaired.

What is needed to repair pavement with Top Patch?
What is needed to repair pavement with Top Patch?
  • Cordless Concrete Mixing Drill (DeWalt 130 Ti $338 Amazon)
    • or (Milwaukee # 2810 M18 Mud Mixer $349 Amazon)
  • EggBeater Type mixing Paddle
    • Top Patch EggBeater Mixing Paddle $23.75 (at Top Patch)
    • or EvenTile EggBeater Mixing Paddle $30 Amazon
  • Pool Trowel (recommend stainless steel, curved corners, wood handle, 16 inch)
    • Goldblatt G06179 ($33 Amazon)
  • Optional: Bucket Brake Plus $15 (BucketBrake.com) - Keeps pail from spinning
  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Infrared Heaters for cold weather install (install Top Patch in virtually all weather)
Note: Other options - corded mixing drills (with generator), or gas engine mixing drills - must have low speed (recommend 450-700 RPM, high torque) do not use impact drill, right angle drill
Tell me more about Top Patch:
  • Top Patch™ is 1 Bucket, 3 components, easy to mix permanent pavement repair product
  • Will repair virtually all pavement repair issues
  • Designed to repair potholes size of manhole cover and less (works great in larger repairs)
  • Pothole Depth 1/8” to 24” plus
  • Deep potholes can be prefilled with ¼” aggregate, rinsed, dry, dust free, clean use 6” minimum Top Patch depth for potholes deeper than 6”
  • Does not require heated storage - strongly recommend Top Patch is at room temperature for 24 hours prior to use - may be heated by 5-gallon bucket heaters
  • Recommend using inferred heaters to warm pothole or pavement when ambient temperatures are below 40 degrees (not required)
  • Top Patch will bond to virtually all road materials and also bonds to Top Patch - so additional layers may be added without compromising bond
  • Need one standard pickup
  • $400 Tool Set (Cordless concrete mixing drill, pool trowel, EggBeater style mixing paddle)
  1. Only One man needed for installs
  2. 20-30 minute install time (time can be modified if needed, by adjusting temperature or modifying mixing methods)
  3. Reduced Workman Comp issues from lifting (Top Patch bucket mix is just over 50 lbs- the heaviest package to lift is a 28 lb aggregate bag)
  4. Reduced Workman Comp issues with lifting and using heavy tools and gas powered tools that don’t start or were not maintained)
  5. A permanent repair that will adhere to the substate (most products do not adhere)
  6. A repair product that will bind concrete and asphalt next to it (hyper link to Future Labs report)
  7. A repair product that is self-leveling - Top Patch will not sink or expand
Tell me more about Top Patch:
  • Top Patch pre-mix in 5 gallon pail
  • Top Patch Cure (catalyst) (2 bags - so Top Patch can be made in half or whole batches)
  • Top Patch Rock (aggregate)
  • Instructions
  • Nitrile Gloves - 2 pair