Purchasing Top Patchâ„¢


Top Patch is manufactured in Tampa, Florida, and is sold directly by the kit.  Each 51 LB kit contains:

  • 5-gallon UN Rated pail with Top Patch Pre-Mix, in shipping outer box
  • Top Patch Rock (aggregate - cleaned & dried) in sealed plastic bag
  • Top Patch Cure (chemical cure / catalyst) in sealed plastic bag
  • Instructions
  • Yellow Spreaders - 2 per 9 kits (6 per 27) - for installing Top Patch

Top Patch can be picked up at the factory or shipped via freight companies to any location in continental USA.

Top Patch kits are available in 2 versions:

Top Patch Original (for most installation conditions)

Top Patch Fast (speeds cure time - primarily for colder weather installations)

When ordering - specify when inventory will be installed - for proper product selection.

 Top Patch Buddies – Our professional installers are available for installation of Top Patch Kits in the Tampa areas.  Please contact us for information regarding professional installation. All kits installed by Top Patch Buddies carry a 3-year labor warranty, in addition to the 3 year warranty with a 5 to 10 year lifespan post install.

Storage: Top Patch kits may be stored in any secure location. Top Patch Cure should always be stored at room temperature. Top Patch Cure will be shipped in a separate box(es) marked BPO Catalyst.

Top Patch is sold direct. For free estimate / quote, click here:

Top Patch kits are shipped on a pallet via truck.

Any number of kits is available per order. The most cost-effective quantity when shipping is multiples of 27.

You will also need one of the recommended tool sets to install Top Patch in most conditions.