About Top Patch

Top Patch® is the Patent Pending revolutionary pavement repair product. Instead of using asphalt binders, Top Patch utilizes a high-performance resin to bond chemically to both asphalt and concrete. In fact, it is so strong it boasts a 3 year warranty. Top Patch’s rapid-fast curing time, enables your pavement repair to be traffic ready with in 30 minutes of completion. Top Patch is manufactured in Tampa, FL.

Top Patch’s goal was simple, but not easy: Make a pothole repair product that pours and handles like wet concrete, with the durability and longevity of hot mix in an easy-to-use bucket that can be installed even when temperatures dip below freezing. Unlike, cold patch, Top Patch was made to last the life of the road.  To test our product we designed it to a minimum thickness based upon our aggregate. We currently use aggregate that allows about 1/4” thickness without any loss of adhesion. Next, we sent it to an independent third-party lab (Future Labs) to be tested. When testing Top Patch’s adhesion on worn asphalt (the paved road test standard), Top Patch’s adhesion held strong while the test standard failed. See Future Labs Results.

Tell me more about Top Patch™:

Top Patch is backed by industry leading warranty.

3 year Warranty

Top Patch is 1 Bucket, 3 components

Easy to mix permanent pavement repair product.

Will repair virtually all pavement repair issues

(delamination, alligator, slippage, raveled), without cut out or removal.

Will repair asphalt / concrete

Asphalt/ Concrete joints (adheres to both materials).

Unlike hot mix

Top Patch can be installed in temperatures below freezing.

Designed to repair

Potholes the size of manhole cover and less (works great for larger repairs also).
  • Impervious to freeze / thaw issues.
  • Pothole Depth 1/4” to 24” plus.
  • Potholes 6” or deeper can be, simply, prefilled with 3/8” aggregate (cleaned and dried) and topped with a 3” minimum Top Patch.
  • Top Patch will bond to virtually all road materials (asphalt & concrete) and also bonds to Top Patch - so additional layers may be added without compromising bond.
  • Does not require heated storage. We strongly recommend Top Patch is at room temperature for 24 hours prior to use - may be heated by 5-gallon bucket heaters.
  • the recommended tool set is about $400 (Cordless concrete mixing drill, pool trowel, Egg Beater style mixing paddle).
  • 20-30 minute install time (time can be modified if needed, by adjusting temperature or modifying mixing methods).
  • Reduced Workman Comp issues from lifting (Top Patch bucket mix is just over 50 lbs- the heaviest package to lift is a 28 lbs aggregate bag).
  • Reduced Workman Comp issues with lifting and using heavy tools and gas powered tools that don’t start or were not maintained.
  • Reduced Workman Comp Issues - no burns from hot mix.
  • A repair product that will bind concrete and asphalt next to it (see Future Labs report).
  • A repair product that is self-leveling - Top Patch will not sink, settle or expand.
  • Average Pothole in USA = 12” x 17” x 2.75” deep. Two Top Patch kits will fill 3 average potholes.