Top Patch™ Permanent Pot-Hole Repair
Top Patch synthetic Asphalt is the only pavement repair product the USA to deliver Hot Mix quality and durability from an easy to use mix bucket.
Top Patch™

Top Patch™ is the Patent Pending revolutionary pavement repair product. Instead of using asphalt binders, Top Patch utilizes high performance resin to bond chemically to both asphalt and concrete (as well as most other road materials). In fact, it is so strong it boasts a 5-year warranty. Top Patch’s rapid-fast curing time, enables your pavement repair to be traffic ready with in 30 minutes of completion. Top Patch is proudly manufactured in Tampa, FL.

Bullet points

  1. Adheres to both asphalt, concrete and as well as most other building material.
  2. 5-year performance warranty.
  3. Average cure time 20 minutes.
  4. High performance resin results in hot mix appearance, quality and durability from one easy to use kit.
  5. Installs in virtually all weather and temperatures.
  6. Only needs one man, one pickup and once and done
  7. The only pavement product in USA that can repair all the pavement repair types including: potholes, delamination, raveled, slippage, alligator pavement – and all repairs without costly cut outs.
One trip, One man, One Pickup
NO Hole Prep
NO Cutting
NO Compacting
NO Tamping Needed

Top Patch™

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